Headquarter and offices

The ELN Foundation has a Headquater in Germany and several Local Contact Offices in different European countries.
Click on your country and you will get the information of whom to contact.
If your country is not represented, yet, please contact the head office in Germany and we will help you in English and find a contact in your country.
The ELN Foundation aims to have contacts in all ELN participating countries and beyond.

  • 1Prof. Thomas Büchner
    48129 Münster
    Tel: +49-251-83-47597
    Email: Birgit.Mayerhoffer@ukmuenster.de
    2Prof. Theo J. M. de Witte
    6544 GA Nijmegen
    Tel. +31 24 365 5730
    Email: t.dewitte@ncmls.ru.nl
    3Prof. Gert Ossenkoppele
    1007 MB Amsterdam
    Tel: +31-20-4442604
    Email: g.ossenkoppele@vumc.nl
    4Prof. Bengt Simonsson
    75185 Uppsala
    Tel: +46-70-5106191
    Email: bengt.simonsson@medsci.uu.se
    5Prof. Tiziano Barbui
    24100 Bergamo
    Tel: +39-3522-78782
    Email: tbarbui@ospedaliriuniti.bergamo.it
    6Prof. Dietger Niederwieser
    04103 Leipzig
    Tel: +49-341-97-13050
    Email: dietger@medizin.uni-leipzig.de
    7Prof. David Grimwade
    SE1 9RT London
    Tel: +44-207-188-3699
    Email: david.grimwade@kcl.ac.uk
    8Prof. Andreas Hochhaus
    07740 Jena
    Tel: 03641 / 9 32 42 01
    Email: Andreas.Hochhaus@med.uni-jena.de
    9Prof. Dieter Hoelzer
    60596 Frankfurt
    Tel: +49-69-650073-170
    Email: hoelzer@em.uni-frankfurt.de
    10Dr. Colm Bradley
    PA6 7GU Houston, Renfrewshire
    Tel: +44-777-150-8405
    Email: cbradley@leukemia-net.org
    11Prof. Rüdiger Hehlmann
    Dr. Petra Schrotz-King
    Dr. Susanne Saussele
    Tel: +49-621-383-6966
    Email: nmc@leukemia-net.org
    12Prof. Michele Baccarani
    40138 Bologna
    Tel: +39-051-390413
    Email: michele.baccarani@unibo.it
    13Prof. Francois Guilhot
    86021 Poitiers
    Tel: +33-54-944-4201
    Email: f.guilhot@chu-poitiers.fr

European Partners of ELN Foundation