The European Leukemia Information Center (ELIC) is involved in spread of excellence and high level training and education by ELN experts to all physicians and researchers interested in leukemia and in the distribution of leukemia news via printed or online media newsletters as well as in the publishing of patient brochures on each type of leukemia to support public education.

ELIC offers
an-up-to date ELN-web interface (www.leukemianet.org) for regularly updated information on

  • an EU- leukemia trial registry for physicians
  • up-to-date clinical trial and research protocols and procedures
  • templates for quality assurance and standard procedures in clinical trials
  • up-dates and guidance on new trial-legislation and -registration,
  • offering consultancy and training courses
  • links to related project websites,
  • EUTOS for CML and the European MDS registry (EUMDS)
  • information on the disease for patients, press and media
  • an easily accessible ELN member database