Our strategy

  • The ELN Foundation will raise awareness for leukemia and offer access to its worldwide interdisciplinary leukemia research network, the ELN.
  • It will provide knowledge and expertise in prophylaxis, diagnosis, treatment and the development, placement and conduct of early phase clinical trials.
  • It will supply infrastructure for larger, multicentre clinical trials.
  • It will use educational activities to spread excellence in leukemia research

Goals of the ELN Foundation

  • Provide leadership for improved prevention, screening and treatment of the disease and spread excellence globally.
  • Reinvigorate the clinical development of new leukemia drugs and bring more clinical research to Europe by offering companies’ access to our academic network and thus ensuring that patients have faster access to innovative medicines with a greater certainty about their use.
  • Improve the standard of clinical trials, patient care and education.
  • Establish European Leukemia Registries to provide clinicians with a clearer picture of the current clinical management of the disease.
  • Increase life expectancy and quality of life for thousands of leukemia patients worldwide.
  • Deliver a unique integrated web 2.0 solution called “My Leukemia Space” to improve communication and information structures for leukemia on an European basis; to help spread excellence through research and educational activities and to encourage sharing of best practice to improve patient care.

Mission statement

The ELN Foundation will use the power of ELN as a grown and responsible network of excellence
to build up new partnerships and ideas and join all forces to fight leukemia

Guiding principles

  • Dedication to make all types of leukemia curable diseases.
  • Working ethics of accountability and independence.
  • Breaking borders and fostering innovative research directions and novel treatment options by interdisciplinary research teams for the different leukemias and related disease entities.
  • Improving outcomes in leukemia therapy worldwide with the resources we have been given.
  • Spread of excellence on treatment, prognostic and diagnostic research and infrastructure.
  • Consultation and cooperation with leukemia patient groups worldwide.
  • Treating grantees as valued partners and the beneficiaries with respect.
  • Effective, mission-oriented and creative mode of operation.