The ELN Foundation supports the European LeukemiaNet (ELN) in its goals and objectives to make all types of leukemia curable diseases.
The ELN is an internationally recognized leukemia network of 175 institutions from 33 countries, highly motivated and well-focused, grown through mutual trust and independence.

The ELN Foundation will fund projects of the ELN.
Depending on donations, we aim to fund the first projects in 2011.

A unique infrastructure given by:
             The network management centre (NMC),
             The European leukemia information centre (ELIC),
             The central information and communication services (CICS)
All three services provide the basis for internal and external network interactions.
Together with the leading national leukemia trial groups, running clinical trials in the different leukemia entities and their interdisciplinary partner groups in diagnostics and therapy research, they are responsible for high quality research and patient care.
This is essential for European excellence in the field of leukemia.

Key results are uniform definitions for diagnosis and treatment in leukemia across Europe, manifested in management recommendations for each leukemia entity, and the spread of excellence in leukemia research and patient care. Strong European networks for each leukemia cooperate to enable more clinical trials within Europe to achieve more efficient drug evaluation and a greater diversity of drugs.

The EUropean Treatment Outcome Study (EUTOS) is a unique scientific collaboration between the European LeukemiaNet (ELN) and Novartis. It aims to help physicians optimize the treatment of CML.

More information on the ELN can be found at
or in a recently published newsletter of the international society for cellular therapy (ISCT).