Other donations

Volunteer engagement

The ELN Foundation expresses its sincere appreciation to all our individual supporters for choosing the ELN Foundation as the recipient of your fundraising efforts. Examples of Individual Initiatives include:

  • Marathons, Triathlons, Cycling Races, etc. that raise money in multiple localities
  • Special Events (non-corporate) not located in an Affiliate Service Area
If you are an individual who would like to conduct an individual initiative, please contact us.

Donations instead of presents

You celebrate a birthday, wedding or anniversary. Instead of presents you would prefer your friends and family to make a donation to the ELN Foundation. Contact your friends and let them know your wish on your birthday invitation but include that there is no pressure to do this. Remember to add our full details on the invitation of how to make a donation if they wish to do so.

Last will

When a loved one passes away, you can make a donation in their memory. Flowers fade very fast, but your donation will help others and give hope. All donations are important and appreciated.

Cooperation with industry

The ELN Foundation is a non-profit organisation supporting the European LeukemiaNet (ELN) through donations.

Cooperation with inustry to explore a mutually beneficial relationship is dealt with by the ELN directly.

Please contact the ELN Network Management Center (www.leukemia-net.org).

How to make a donation?

1. Donate through your online banking by entering the ELN Foundation bank details:

ELN Foundation
Name of the bank: Sparkasse Rhein Neckar Nord
Address of the bank: D1, 1-3, 68159 Mannheim
IBAN number: DE 68 6705 0505 0038 9098 43
BIC/Swift number: MANSDE 66XXX
Account number: 38 90 98 43
BLZ: 670 505 05

In addition please enter your complete mailing address (name, street, postal code, town, country, email or telefone number, in case of questions) and a keyword, which you choose, under which the donation is agreed with friends and relatives to be made (occasions like birthday or last will). It will help us to relate the donations from several individual people to one specific occasion and to provide relatives with the total donation amount. This will be done confidentially, without stating single donation amounts.
The ELN Foundation will send you an acknowledgement letter confirming your donation. For amounts over 100 € you receive an income tax receipt. As regular Donor with bank transfer on a regular basis, you will receive a donation certificate once a year. Below 100 € your bank statement is accepted by tax authorities.

2. Donate via Paypal by clicking on the DONATE button on your left and you will be guided through.
You will receive two emails, first from Paypal, second from the ELN Foundation confirming your donation.
You will receive an income tax receipt for amounts over 100 €.

Upon request, we will send you our ELN Foundation Newsletter, or information on ELN projects and activities (see contact).
We thank you for your support.